Top 10 Finalist Fezile Mkhize

Top 10 Contestant

Hailing from Johannesburg, Fezile Mkhize is a 27-year old medical doctor with a passion for helping people. He chose a career in medicine as a means to have a direct positive impact on the lives of others. Convinced by his girlfriend who he met at med school to audition, Fezile hopes that becoming a TV presenter will give him a better platform to live out his passion.

In his downtime, he enjoys reading and shooting hoops at the local basketball court with his friends. “Ridiculous! That is the very first thing I thought when I knew I had made the Top 10. I’m truly honoured and immensely blessed to live the life I live so having made it this far in a competition of this magnitude is more than I could have asked for,” Fezile shares. “I am really excited to engage in the challenges and really test my mettle. I could inspire another young boy or girl at home who has many dreams and doesn’t think they’re possible. My mission here is to live my dream and inspire people and remind them that you can do whatever you want in life especially if it’s for the betterment of those around you”

Fun Fact: Fezile used to be obsessed with playing marbles and is still ready to take on any challenger who thinks may beat him.

Social Media: Twitter: @fezileTmkhize Instagram: @FezMkhize

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