Top 10 Finalist Shannon Leibach

Top 10 Contestant

The youngest Top 10 finalist, 22-year old Shannon Leibach is a talented acting student, currently studying at WITS. He describes himself as selflessly devoted to ensuring people have a good time and during his spare time he organises and manages social events.

In 2015 he won a scholarship to The New York Film Academy, one of the most prestigious schools in America. When he’s not acting, Shannon is a passionate scuba diver and loves spending time in the water with his dad. “Making the top 10 is the proudest moment of my life so far - it made my dad cry and that never happens!” Shannon says. “It is like a dream come true and an indication that I can achieve my dreams as the judges believe in me. I’m looking forward to spending time in front of the camera and learning from the crew because this industry is all about experience, experience, experience!”

Fun Fact: Not only is Shannon a sports fanatic, but he is obsessed with all things Disney as well.

Social Media: Twitter: @iiPR0crastinate Instagram: @shannon_leibach 

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