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Meet the lovely Caley van der Kolk 

Due largely to my unconventional upbringing, I possess a seeking spirit and incredibly curious mind. This has led me to embark on numerous local and overseas travel expeditions; most recently on a 2 month trip around Northern India where I had the privilege of living with an Indian family. 

I am interested in the world at large - how people interact and live within their unique environments. This has taken me to Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, Argentina, Thailand, Bali, India and various countries in Europe. I moved to Cape Town to study and graduated at the top of my class in Business Science marketing.

I am an incredibly creative being with a deep passion for both the written and spoken word. I am huge advocate for outdoor exercise – there is nothing like a swim in the sea, a hike up the mountain, or a run to get your endorphins flowing and more importantly: to reconnect you to the planet on which we reside.

Apart from launching brands, doing yoga and running marathons - I am a girl with a big heart. I am the person people drag along to their awkward dates because they know that my presence and light hearted manner will ease any tension that may arise!

Fun fact: Caley is fluent in Xhosa and possesses an eloquent command of Zulu and Afrikaans. Wonder in how many languages she plans on presenting!

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