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I am a passionate 22 year old woman from Idasvalley, a small town near Stellenbosch.
I was raised in a very strict religious household and my modelling career only started as I entered for Miss South Africa at the age of 21. I am absolutely blessed to have been brought up with strong morals and values, teaching me how important it is to be proud of where you come and to be comfortable in your own skin. 
Each and every single thing I went through as a teenager moulded me into the woman I am today, which is a compassionate and strong woman who thrives to inspire: spend my time being an ambassador for organisations close to my heart.
I present success classes for young girls from underprivileged communities and try to equip them, to the best of my ability, with the skills and knowledge which I have acquired through learning and gaining as Miss SA top 14 finalists.
My mother was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Her illness has given me reason to fight for my dreams and see every single day as another opportunity to change a life.

Fun fact: Mishka studied Marketing Management at Varsity College. Can’t wait to she’ll be able to market and promote herself in such a way that the judges won’t have a choice but notice & pay attention!


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