EPISODE 13: Grand Finale Challenge


And Then There Were Three
This week on Presenter Search on 3, the finalists compete in the nail-biting finale for the chance to be one of three new faces on SABC3.
With judges Jeannie D, Phat Joe and Bonang Matheba in Zanzibar watching from the sidelines, the finalists face challenges that are a culmination of everything they have learned so far.
Who will the judges choose to be the winning trio of presenters? Tune in to Presenter Search on 3 on Friday, 29 May at 7.30 pm on SABC3 to find out.
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Presenter Search on 3
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EPISODE 13: Grand Finale Challenge

Who do you think will win Presenter Search On 3?
Kuhle Adams
Deen Woodman
Jamie Domburg
Nathaneal Davids