Episode 9: Emerald Resort & Casino Challenges

Being a presenter means living that good life. Our Top 10 are treated to their first taste of the travel life of a presenter. They head off to the luxurious Emerald Resort & Casino where they are briefed about travelogue challenges. Each contestant must present a short piece about the area.

Top 10 Contestants At The Pool

What to expect? Bowling, putt-putt, river rafting, snake charming, lemurs & of the course the beauty and wildlife found at the stunning Emerald Resort & Casino!

Who will impress the main judges with their presenting abilities? 

Watch the full episode here:

Episode 9: Emerald Resort & Casino Challenges

Who do you think will win Presenter Search On 3?
Kuhle Adams
Deen Woodman
Jamie Domburg
Nathaneal Davids