Episode 13 | The Finale

OCTOBER 30, 2019

Presenter Search on 3 Episode 13

Nerves are at an all-time high as each of the Top 4 Presenter Search On 3 finalists have to conduct an interview with a high-profile guest in the Expresso studio.

Khanyi Mbau on Presenter Search

TV host and actress Khanyi Mbau, musician and actor Anga Makubalo, Chief Operating Officer of McDonald’s South Africa Jo-Ann de Wet and Miss South Africa 2019 Zozibini Tunzi each get a turn on the Expresso couch, giving Nathaneal Davids, Jamie-Lee Domburg, Deen Woodman and Kuhle Adams their final chance to compete for their time to shine as one of the two new faces on your feel-good breakfast show.

Chief Operating Officer of McDonald’s South Africa Jo-Ann de Wet

Miss South Africa 2019 Zozibini Tunzi

For the first time, the finalists have to manage the intricacies of a live studio interview – the reality of three cameras aiming at them from different angles, an earpiece into which the show director will give them instructions for inserts to announce and questions to remember while listening and responding appropriately to their guest’s answers… not the easy task it may seem when watching!

actor Anga Makubalo on Presenter Search

Presenter Search on 3 judges finale

Make sure you don’t miss the Grand Finale of Presenter Search on 3: Expresso Edition, Wednesday 30 October at 7:30 pm on SABC3.

Episode 13 | The Finale

Who do you think will win Presenter Search On 3?
Kuhle Adams
Deen Woodman
Jamie Domburg
Nathaneal Davids